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This tab includes the most key features to view and update your proxy settings.


Proxy Authentication: Choose between Username/password or IP address authentication. By default, username/password authentication is selected.

Proxy Start Port: Change the proxy start port. By default proxy port starts from 2001.

Proxy DNS Server: Set the default DNS server for proxies.

Keep IP Alive: It is a standard practice for some carriers who have an IPV4 shortage to withdraw the IP from any device after a few seconds of idling, then when a device reconnects, it receives a new IP. So, we released this Keep-Alive feature to mitigate this, however, it won't be possible to have 100% static IPs as some carriers have the IP on a timeout. This feature is disabled by default.

Proxy Format: Choose between IP:PORT:USER:PASS and USER:PASSWORD@IP:PORT depending on your use case. By default, the format is IP:PORT:USER:PASS.

Proxy Indexing: This action will re-index the proxies to start from 0

Proxy Rotation

Automatic Rotation: Change automatic rotation interval to days/hours/minutes. The default is 0 Days which means no automatic rotation is configured.


Dashboard Login: Change dashboard's login credentials.

API: View or change dashboard's API's authentication token.


Remote Support: View or generate remote support session with random credentials.

Update: Push the latest updates to your hosting device.

Reboot: This action will reboot the server.


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All Proxidize hardware is assembled and shipped with ❤️ from the UK 

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