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What is Proxidize?

Proxidize is a residential-mobile proxy creation and management solution created to help users build their own proxy networks using 4G, 5G USB modems or mobile phones. Proxidize was designed with a philosophy of simplicity and efficiency in mind so that using Proxidize you will be able to build 4G mobile proxy setups of any size with little to no effort and no technical knowledge whatsoever.

We have years of experience in the proxy industry and to this very moment, Proxidize is the largest DIY proxy solution. We spent years researching the needs of the commercial proxy market and we can say, with full confidence, that Proxidize is an absolutely essential tool in the hands of any proxy user.

Proxidize can be used to create 4G mobile proxies in any country using any mobile carrier. With Proxidize there are no limits. People use Proxidize all around the world from North America to Europe to Asia. Here at Proxidize, we provide you with everything required to build your own 4G proxies, from the hardware to the software and we teach you how to get the SIM cards.

How does Proxidize work?

Proxidize will take the connection from every USB modem you connect and create a unique residential-mobile proxy from this connection. 

This will generate proxies that are many times more powerful than normal residential proxies as they’re impossible to detect and you’ll get access to unlimited IPs.

Not only will using Proxidize give you more powerful proxies than anywhere else, but these proxies will also cost you much less than buying residential or mobile proxies.

There’s a lot of complicated technology under the hood, but Proxidize takes care of all the complexity and gives you the ability to create your own 4G mobile proxies in seconds.

Why make your own 4G proxies?

You might wonder, why should I go through the hassle of building my own 4G mobile proxies when it’s so easy to just buy them and they’re not that expensive, you’d be wrong for multiple reasons:

  • It’s not a hassle. Setting up a 4G/Mobile proxy network takes 5-10 minutes when you get a Proxidize hardware kit.
  • Cut costs. Building your own mobile proxies will cost you anywhere from three to ten times less than when you buy them.
  • Higher speed. With speeds up to 150 Mbps per proxy, proxies you make using Proxidize will be faster than residential proxies.
  • Better quality. Building your own residential-mobile proxies is the only way to ensure the quality of the proxies you’re using.
  • Cut out the middleman. Proxy sellers are only a middleman between you and the ISP who owns the IPs.

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All Proxidize hardware is assembled and shipped with ❤️ from the UK 🇬🇧

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All Proxidize hardware is assembled and shipped with ❤️ from the UK 

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