How does it work?

Proxidize is the world’s first and only mobile proxy network building & managing solution. Using Proxidize you can build an unlimited mobile proxy network, while cutting the costs of the middleman (proxy seller). Proxidize is easy to use as it was created with a philosophy of simplicity and ease of use. So, how does Proxidize work?

Step 1
Get the hardware

The first step you need to take to build your Proxidize mobile proxy network is to get the hardware from

Step 2
Get SIM cards

Every mobile proxy network requires active SIM cards in order for your mobile proxies to function. You need to get 1 SIM card for every dongle/modem you plan to host.

Step 3
Put everything together

Once you have your Proxidize kit and SIM cards, you simply need to plug everything together. You can follow our getting started guide on

Step 4
Power everything on

Now, all you need is to plug your hardware into power and everything will power on automatically. You do not need to press anything. Proxidize also comes pre-installed, so you can now start using your proxies.