All-in-one solution for building and managing mobile proxies used by Fortune 500 companies.

Proxidize is a revolutionary mobile proxy network creation and management platform built on mobile devices allowing businesses to create ultra-powerful proxies that are incomparable to anything else.

Trusted by 1,000+ leading companies from SMEs to Fortune 500 in 70+ countries

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Industry leaders trust Proxidize

  • David Springer
    CEO at Amble Media Group
    "Over the years, we have tried virtually every proxy service out there and we can confidently say that there is simply no other company that provides you with anything close to the value of what the Proxidize system does. It is an absolutely brilliant, budget-friendly solution for marketers of any size."
  • Makai Macdonald
    Social Media Lead Specialist at Product London Design
    "Proxidize has been instrumental in helping our business grow faster than ever over the last 12 months.
    In short, Proxidize has empowered us to have control over every part of our business, which should be the goal of any successful company."
  • Adam Colbert
    President at Rocket 31
    "We've been using Proxidize since it first came out to manage Fb ad accounts. These IPs are light years better than IPs originating from residential ISPs. Proxidize just simply works."

  • Mohammad Ibrahim
    Founder at Qannas
    "Proxidize is an amazing product, it is very simple to operate and tweak your settings the way you want it to be yet it's very powerful in terms of performance and features. I ordered my kit and got it in 6 days. Simple, Powerful & Reliable nothing is like Proxidize."

Highest quality 4G mobile proxies

New features released every month

Multiple plans with free options

In-depth documentation

Worldwide free shipping

Proxidize 4G mobile proxy kits are easy to install and use

1. Get your Proxidize kit

All Proxidize proxy kits were designed to be as easy and simple to assemble and use as possible. Once you have your kit, you can get your proxies live in less than 10 minutes.

2. Install your SIM cards

You simply need to put an active SIM card into every one of your modems. If you’re unsure where to get your sim cards from, please get in touch with our sales team for assistance.

3. Power it on

Lastly, plug everything together and voilà! You have your very own mobile proxy network for you to take your automation and data extraction to the next level.

Proxidize takes care of all the complexity of building 4G mobile proxies

Proxidize will take the connection from every USB modem or mobile phone you connect and create a unique residential-mobile proxy from this connection.

This will generate proxies that are many times more powerful than normal residential proxies as they’re impossible to distinguish from normal mobile network users and you’ll get access to unlimited IPs.

Not only will using Proxidize give you more powerful proxies than legacy solutions, these proxies will also cost you much less than buying residential or mobile proxies.

There are a lot of complicated technologies under the hood, but Proxidize takes care of all the complexity and gives you the ability to create your own 4G mobile proxies in no time.

Proxidize empowers data and automation with leading 4G mobile proxies.

Proxidize on-premise mobile proxies, operating on 4G or 5G cellular networks, are the latest type of proxy technology, with the highest success rates across industries.

Proxidize proxies are so powerful that they render traditional IP bans completely useless, this is thanks to a new technology used by mobile carriers called CGNAT. Carrier Grade Network Address Translation is a very simple concept that means your current IP is being shared by hundreds or thousands of real people. Services know this very well and they know if they ban a single IP they could ban hundreds of real users.

Because of that, all traditional and ml-powered anti-automation algorithms are rendered useless.

Proxidize powers the LTE, 5G or 4G mobile proxy networks of tomorrow

Proxidize will not make sense to anyone who does not understand how powerful it is. An uninformed user might like the convenience of legacy solutions and refuse to adapt to new technologies, but it has been proven times and times again that those who refuse to embrace technology will always be left it’s dust.

Get superior results

Any Proxidize proxy will outperform any traditional residential proxy on all scales.

Superior proxy speed

With Proxidize you will get average speeds of 30 Mbps on 4G/LTE and up to 1 Gbps when using 5G.

It's not difficult at all.

Proxidize will let you build your very own 4G or 5G mobile proxies in no time.

Take privacy seriously

Proxidize is the ultimate privacy tool as you own the proxy network and only you have access to it.

Cut cost & lower opex

The average Proxidize user pays less than $0.1 per GB of proxy data. 150x lower than legacy solutions.

Proxidize empowers businesses using 5G or 4G proxies all over the world

Proxidize is a global 4G mobile proxy platform
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Proxidize users in 70+ countries

Building 4G mobile proxies has never been easier

From 5-modems mobile proxy networks all the way to thousands of modems. Proxidize is efficient, scalable, powerful, yet easy to use and install.
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It's easy to manage your 4G mobile proxies with Proxidize

Powerful 4G mobile interface

The Proxidize web interface was designed to be powerful, yet easy to use and configure.

Device list of modems

Monitor, manage and configure all your hardware from a single page. Using Proxidize device list tab you can see your devices, their state, connection, signal strength, and more.

Proxy lists

All your proxies in a single list that you can copy and export with a single click. With Proxidize, you can generate HTTP(S), SOCKS, IPV4 or IPV6 5G or 4G mobile proxies.

Unlimited control

Whether you want to generate simple proxies and start using them instantly, or if you want to have absolute control over what domains, speed, data, etc. your proxies can access. It can all be done via Proxidize.

SMS settings

Using Proxidize you can send and receive SMS messages from your USB modems/dongle or mobile phones. This can be done manually or via the Proxidize API.

Hardware designed from the grounds up for 4G mobile proxies

Proxidize micro server

The Proxidize SX2 is a micro server running Linux designed from the grounds up to host your 4G mobile proxies while keeping a low profile and not taking too much space.

Proxidize USB modem

The Proxidize USB modem is an LTE/4G USB modem (or data stick) created specifically to run proxies and tolerate high-bandwidth usage.

Proxidize MLX-2.0 standard server

The Proxidize MLX-2.0 standard server is here when you need to scrape like the pros with the ability to host hundreds of USB modems and process terabytes of data on the daily.

Proxidize USB hub

Proxidize uses industrial-grade USB hubs that allow you to connect your devices with ease while maintaining a 99.9% uptime.

Are you ready to experience the new age of 4G mobile proxy technologies?

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All Proxidize hardware is assembled and shipped with :heart: from the United States :us: and the Netherlands :flag-nl:


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