Proxidize 4G mobile proxy creation & management solution.

Proxidize is the world’s first self-hosted 4G mobile proxy solution. Using Proxidize you can build any size 4G mobile/residential proxy network using 4G dongles with no developers or any technical knowledge whatsoever.

Proxidize is the new era for Residential/4G Mobile Proxies.

  • Using Proxidize you can create your own 4G mobile proxies in 60 seconds.
  • 4G Mobile proxies are superior to residential proxies.
  • 4G Mobile proxies are a hidden gem, not many people know about them.
  • 4G mobile proxies are the choice of experts everywhere.
  • No more having to pay insanely high prices.
  • No more having to worry about fake or shared proxies.
  • No more having to worry about bot farms or illegal proxies.
  • No more having to deal with unreliable providers.

With Proxidize, everything is in your complete control. You own the hardware, you own the software, you own the traffic, it’s your own private proxy network and you can use it with full confidence that you have the most powerful proxies in the world.

Not sure how it works? Read our full guide.

Proxidize is tried and tested

Hundreds of Residential/4G mobile proxy networks all across the world from Japan to Chile are using Proxidize. We expect to reach 1000 setups before Q2.

See the gallery of the 4G mobile proxy setups using Proxidize:

Proxidize is easy to use and manage

The Proxidize 4G Mobile proxy dashboard is easy and intuitive. You get all the settings you need. It doesn’t matter if you have any technical knowledge or not. Using Proxidize is so easy that anybody can do it.

The Proxidize dashboard gives you all the options you need from changing authorization to changing how often the IP changes or even creating shared proxies. Anything and everything can be done in the dashboard.

You can see full walkthrough of the Proxidize dashboard in our YouTube channel or you can test Proxidize yourself using our live demo:

Login: admin:admin

It’s easy to get the hardware

It’s important for us to make the process as easy and simple as possible, which is why we have decided to start selling the hardware at a very appropriate rate.

You can buy the hardware from anywhere around the world or directly from us. We ship in the UK and you’ll receive your kit in less than a week.

The Proxidize Box is our own device which is superior to the Raspberry Pi and costs less. The Proxidize Box is the world’s first dedicated device for creating 4G mobile proxies.

Every business should be building its own 4G mobile proxies

Making your own 4G mobile proxies is the only way to guarantee the quality of proxy you’re using, and that’s even more important than ever before in today’s where automation is so difficult.

Easy To Integrate

With a complete dashboard and API Proxidize 4G Mobile proxies are easy to use and integrate into any software.

Created By Experts

We first started working on 4G mobile proxy solution more than 4 years ago, during those years we were able to understand the market needs very well which is what lead us to creating Proxidize 4G Mobile proxy solutions.


Scale to infinity

Using Proxidize you can build any size 4G Mobile proxy network and customize it however you would like, there are no limits with Proxidize.

Easy To Use

Proxidize has been specifically designed to allow for regular non-techy people to build their 4G mobile proxies. With Proxidize you don’t need any programming or IT knowledge whatsoever.

Money Back Guarantee

We have complete confidence in our product. When you make a purchase with us you get a 7 day complete money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Whatever your needs are, there’s a Proxidize version for you.

Starter License

For Those Getting Started
$ 178
  • 1 Active Installation
  • 10 Dongles per installation
  • $1.49/Dongle/Month (10 Dongles)
  • Management Dashboard
  • HTTP Proxies
  • IP Whitelisting
  • Basic Settings & Controls

Professional License

For Professionals & Small Businesses
$ 479
  • 2 Active Installations
  • 20 Dongles per Installation
  • $0.99/Dongle/Month (40 Dongles)
  • Management Dashboard
  • Receive SMS
  • HTTP or SOCKS Proxies
  • Automated IP Rotation/Change
  • Basic API
  • Advanced Settings & Controls
  • IP or Password Authentication

Enterprise License

For Enterprise & Corporate Users
$ 987
  • 5 Active Installations
  • 250 Dongles per Installation
  • $0.1/Dongle/Month (1250 Dongles)
  • Management Dashboard
  • HTTP or SOCKS Proxies
  • Fully Custom IP Rotation/Change
  • Complete API
  • Complete Settings & Controls
  • IP or Password Authentication
  • Send & Receive SMS
  • Custom Setting for Every Dongle/Modem
  • Make Shared 4G Mobile Proxies
  • Limit Proxies to Specific Websites
  • Proxy Selling Functionalities

Proxidize is only the software. You can buy the hardware from us or anywhere else. Either way, you’ll need both the hardware and the software to make your own 4G mobile proxies.

You can order the hardware from:

Yes. When you want to upgrade from one version to another, you only have to cover the difference.

The answer is yes 100% of the time. You can use 4G mobile proxies from any purpose be it web scraping, social automation or anything.

In fact, when you make your own 4G mobile proxies, you are guaranteed to have the most powerful proxies possible.

Provided you can get a dedicated IP, then yes, Proxidize will work perfectly in China or any other part of the world.

Anything you purchase from us comes with a 7 day money back guarantee. No questions asked. 


Anything else?

If you have any questions at all, please contact us through the form below and we will respond as soon as possible.

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