We are the pioneers of the proxy world.

Proxidize was founded by a team of developers in hopes of making the process of creating residential/mobile proxies accessible to everyone. We have years of experience in the field of proxies having operated multiple proxy businesses and having created the world’s most extensive proxy resource PROXY KNOW. We are pioneers in the field of proxies and network automation.

We truly believe every proxy user should be making their own proxies and that’s why we created Proxidize. With Proxidize you don’t need any technical knowledge to run a 4G mobile proxy setup whatsoever. In fact, it’s so easy a child can do it. Since the beginning of our journey, our main goal has been simplicity as we understand very well how intimidating such a setup might be. Proxidize is cutting-edge technology therefore when choosing Proxidize, you’re choosing the future.


Proxidize Ltd, London, UK.

Proxidize Team
Built by a multinational team of innovators in 4 continents.

Abdallah Abu-Elez

Abdallah (Abed) Abuelezz


Ashley willis

Ashley Willis


Bashar Al-Jazaeri

Bashar Jazaeri

Tech Lead
Bethany Willis

Bethany Wilson

Embedded Hardware Engineer
Heba Hakh

Heba Hakh

Success Engineer
Karl Baumgarten

Karl Baumgarten

Growth & Product
Mahmoud Ababneh

Mahmoud Ababneh

Interaction Designer
Maya Abu-Elez

Maya Moe

Project Manager