Proxidize Manifesto

Proxy Networks Don't Have To Be Difficult, Expensive, Unreliable or Unethical.

More than 1 million companies and individuals around the world rely on proxies to facilitate their web automation and data extraction operations. These 1 million proxy users provide the needs of countless users in every industry around the world, facilitating the day-to-day activities of upwards of 500M human beings every single day. So there is no question that proxies are an indispensable tool for the modern economy, but there’s an elephant in the room.

Everything in the proxy industry that could go wrong had gone wrong.

  • It's unethically sourced
  • It doesn't work half the time
  • It's way too expensive

Proxy networks today are sourced either from malware or from unsuspecting users who are getting betrayed by the software, apps and home appliances that they have trusted enough to keep in their homes and use on their personal devices. This would not be acceptable in any industry around the world, so why are we accepting it in ours?

To make things worse, proxy sellers constantly lie about their IPs, provide terrible quality of service, and worse than all, spy on their users.

So, could there be something better? Something that is ethical, works all the time, and is reasonably priced? We believe there is — which is why we have created Proxidize.

Proxidize is a simple idea that states: "The end user deserves a better product. A product that works. A product that is honest. A product that is ethical, and a product that respects its users."

Proxidize has a gone a long way since initial alpha launch in 2019, beta launch 2020 and the full launch in 2021, but we still have some way to go for Proxidize to become a true replacement for legacy proxy networks for all users at all scales.

We could not have gotten here without your help, but we are still far from perfect. Your continued support and love for Proxidize motivates us and helps make Proxidize a better solution. But, there's more.

The Grandiose Proxidize Vision

Building the ultimate proxy solution will only be the beginning of our journey and the first step of establishing our vision. Proxies are a tool that powers much greater industries, and that's where our vision lies. The open internet today would not exist without proxies, a tool that fights monopolies on information and empowers businesses on all scales. The need for open access and information has never been greater than before, and this is the problem we believe we are destined to solve.

The world needs a tool that democratizes data, and that's what we plan to build. How? When? You'll know soon.

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All Proxidize hardware is assembled and shipped with :heart: from the United States :us: and the Netherlands :flag-nl:


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All Proxidize hardware is assembled and shipped with :heart: from the United States :us: and the Netherlands :flag-nl:


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