Whitepaper: The World of Mobile Proxies

Increasing web regulations are becoming a constraint for users and businesses alike from fully leveraging the Internet’s highest capabilities. Therefore, the rise of data digitization generated a necessity for a solution that would overcome web limitations to allow businesses to perform their online operations with no constraints.

 This is where Proxidize comes in, a leading mobile proxy provider that offers its clients a powerful solution with unmatched network control. Established in 2020, Proxidize emerged as a resourceful on-premise mobile proxy solution offering a range of use cases that address the challenges of web restrictions, allowing for decentralized online activity. 

In this whitepaper, we will dive into the various use cases utilized by our customers, demonstrate the power of our mobile proxy technology, and discuss how our technology can help you gain control of your web access and optimize it for success.


Proxidize: The Key To Online Democracy

Proxidize is a unified solution that enables the creation and management of mobile proxy technologies spanning 3G, 4G, and 5G cellular networks. With Proxidize, users gain unparalleled control, cost-effectiveness, and scalability

Users from diverse sectors, including marketing, ticketing, and retail, leverage our technologies to optimize their daily online operations; for example, web scrapers take advantage of Proxidize for uninterrupted scraping to gather data-driven insights, whereas a business may use our technologies to automate tasks, thereby increasing operational efficiency and reducing labor costs. 

An SEO expert, on the other hand, utilizes mobile proxies to increase their clients' website rankings. And a marketing agency creates targeted ads and generates leads for their clients. Our primary objective is to offer our users, from SMBs to enterprises, a reliable but simple DIY mobile proxy network that caters to their various use cases.

Over the past two years, our growth has been remarkable, as we have experienced a consistent expansion of 8.5x, which serves as a testament to our achievements in the proxy market. Proxidize came into existence after our team responsible for publishing ProxyKnow—a renowned proxy guide—experienced remarkable success, inspiring us to establish Proxidize. 

In 2021, we achieved successful completion of the alpha launch phase, followed by the execution of the beta launch in 2022. Since then, we have continuously improved our products and services through regular updates, striving to establish ourselves as the leading mobile proxy provider in the industry. As part of our commitment to delivering exceptional service, our dedicated support team of highly certified engineers offers personalized white glove service to ensure that our clients experience the utmost care and assistance in their journey with us. 

What distinguishes us from other proxy providers is our conviction that users derive maximum benefit from proxies when they construct their own network rather than simply leasing a multitude of IPs from a provider. 

Accordingly, we equip our users with the essential tools and resources to build their network from the ground up, enabling them to tailor settings within their proxy network to their specific requirements, ultimately improving the quality of the network. Furthermore, building your mobile proxy network allows for scalability, enabling you to expand the network's capacity, add new modems, or adjust resources to accommodate increasing traffic or changing business needs.

Enhanced security is another advantage, as you have greater control over encryption protocols, authentication mechanisms, and access controls, ensuring the safeguarding of sensitive data. Performance optimization is achievable by fine-tuning proxy configurations and managing network resources to achieve optimal speed, reliability, and efficiency. Lastly, building your mobile proxy network establishes a long-term asset that you fully own and control, ensuring continuity and stability without dependency on the reliability of a third-party provider. 

An In-Depth Look at Proxidize

Proxidize hardware kits include all the essential components required to build a mobile proxy network. We provide diverse kits and hardware options to accommodate varying needs based on the mission criticality of your proxy infrastructure, desired uptime, and the volume of traffic to be routed through the proxy network. 

Proxidize Hardware

The Proxidize hardware package includes three main components to enable the building of a mobile proxy network. We offer the MX2 modems, which serve as the basis of cellular connections, a USB hub to create modem connections, and three distinct server options: SX2, SX4, and RSX1. Each server model is designed to cater to specific requirements and deliver optimal performance in building and managing mobile proxy networks. By offering these three server options, Proxidize provides users with the flexibility to select the kit that best aligns with their specific needs

The SX2 micro-server is engineered to accommodate up to 20 modems. It is equipped with 4GB of RAM that enables smooth and efficient network operations. The micro-server has an ethernet port speed of 1Gbps, allowing for optimal data transfer speeds.

The SX4 Mini Server is designed to provide robust support for larger-scale mobile proxy networks. It can accommodate up to 80 modems and is equipped with 8 GB of RAM, allowing for a significant number of simultaneous connections. It is also equipped with two ethernet ports, providing enhanced versatility and connectivity options. One port has a speed of 1Gbps, while the other has a speed of 2.5Gbps. The dual-interface port design allows for efficient network traffic handling and ensures uninterrupted connectivity for high-speed data transfer. In addition, the server has six USB ports, four of which are 2.0 USB ports located at the rear and an additional two 3.0 USB ports located at the front.

The RSX1 is our largest server and is specifically designed to meet the demands of extensive proxy network usage. It supports up to 200 modems running on industrial-grade components. Its memory allocation enhances data processing capabilities, allowing for faster response times and optimized system performance. The RSX1 features a single high-speed ethernet port with a transfer rate of 10 Gbps and is equipped with 10 USB ports. Users have the option to have the server shipped with its own rack cabinets and rack trails, as well as a rack tray to support installation in homes, offices, or dedicated data centers. 

Proxidize Software

Proxidize offers its users advanced proxy network management software that boasts an extensive list of features. It offers an intuitive user interface and a centralized platform to monitor, manage, and configure all devices within the network. The interface provides a list of tabs, including, but not limited to, a user's:

Within the device list tab, users can browse all proxies connected within the network and view their signal strength, connection, and state. They appear in one single list that can be copied and exported with a single click. Additionally, a user can generate HTTP(S) & SOCKS IPv4 or IPv6 proxies using 4G or 5G connections at any given moment.  

With the software, users have the capability to create manual or automatic IP rotations, as well as create randomized IP rotation intervals for all modems. It provides a Keep-Alive feature for uninterrupted access to static IPs - which is beneficial for scraping purposes. Moreover, the software offers a complete API solution that can be integrated with various tools depending on a user's use case, as well as an SMS API feature that can be used to view, send, and delete messages from any particular modem within the network.

The Proxidize software also provides increased privacy with its Passive OS Fingerprint spoofing, allowing devices within the network to appear as a Windows OS rather than the network's original LINUX OS. In addition, it offers advanced network settings that offer users the ability to change MTU and TTL settings to limit bandwidth drops and have more control over how data packets are transferred within the network. 

Proxidize Use Cases

In a period where data is the driving force, the ability to seamlessly automate tasks and extract valuable insights from the online realm is a game-changer for businesses and individuals alike. Proxidize's mobile proxy solutions offers a gateway to limitless opportunities in both applications. This section explores the transformative use cases of Proxidize’s solutions, focusing on how they optimize users' daily operations and data-driven observations. 

Web Scraping

Web scraping originated as an innovative and highly valuable tool for businesses aiming to extract data from a multitude of web pages for diverse purposes. When utilizing an on-premise mobile proxy solution like Proxidize, web scraping ultimately becomes more efficient and effective and opens up new possibilities for data-driven insights.

Using our all-in-one mobile proxy solution, businesses leverage IP addresses associated with real mobile devices, thereby increasing anonymity and eliminating the risks of proxy detection or IP blocking by the targeted website. This is all due to our employment of CGNAT (Carrier Grade Network Address Translation). With CGNAT, multiple devices within a network are assigned private IP addresses, while the network's public IP address is shared among these devices. Therefore, when accessing online content, all devices appear to originate from the same shared public IP address, which makes it difficult for websites to identify and block individual devices based on their IP alone. 

Most importantly, Proxidize's on-premise mobile proxies enable web scrapers to simulate user behavior specific to mobile devices. By mimicking the browsing patterns, session durations, and interactions typical of mobile users, Proxidize enhances the authenticity of web scraping activities. This approach adds an extra layer of credibility and reduces the likelihood of websites identifying scraping activities. When simulating mobile user behavior, users are able to extract mobile-oriented information, unblocking valuable insights that are utilized for strategic decision-making and gaining a competitive edge. 

Web Scraping in Enhancing Marketing Strategies

The main role of web scraping is to enhance the operations of various businesses belonging to diverse industries. For example, web scraping is extremely useful to marketing agencies and can assist in several functions, such as: 

  • Market Research: Marketing agencies use web scraping to gather data on competitors, target markets, consumer behavior, and industry trends. This data helps agencies identify market gaps, understand customer preferences, and customize their marketing campaigns.
  • Lead Generation: Web scraping assists in finding potential leads by extracting data from various sources, including websites, social media platforms, directories, and forums. It enables agencies to save time and create more effective outreach strategies.
  • Content Aggregation: Marketing agencies can collect relevant content from several sources, such as news websites, blogs, and social media platforms. Ultimately establishing thought leadership in their respective industry and providing their clients with valuable resources.
  • Social Media Monitoring & Management: Web scraping enables marketing agencies to monitor a client's presence on various social media platforms for brand mentions, customer sentiment, and competitor activities, which increases insights into audience preferences, measures campaign effectiveness, and curates accurate responses to customer feedback. Furthermore, web scraping through mobile proxies allows businesses to manage multiple social media accounts to engage with their audience and post content. 
  • SEO Keyword & Research: Web scraping aids in conducting SEO research, as well as identifying relevant keywords for a client's websites. Agencies can identify keyword rankings, track competitor SEO strategies, and optimize clients' websites accordingly by scraping and analyzing Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). 
  • Ad Campaign Optimization: Marketing agencies use web scraping to monitor and analyze digital advertising platforms. They track ad performance metrics and optimize ad campaigns in real-time. When extracting data on impressions, clicks, conversions, and engagement, agencies can make data-driven decisions to improve ad targeting and ROI. 

Web Scraping in Optimizing Ticketing Operations

In the ticketing sector per se, the businesses involved are responsible for the sale, distribution, and management of tickets for various events, flights, and hotels. These organizations typically operate online ticketing platforms. Therefore, they fall under the industries that will significantly benefit from web scraping in their various operations, including: 

  • Cost & Availability: Ticketing businesses utilizing web scraping tools monitor ticket prices and their availability across a multitude of online platforms and vendors. They obtain live data on price trends and track ticket inventory levels by scraping data from other ticketing websites. As such, they optimize their pricing strategies accordingly and make data-driven insights to ensure competitive pricing. 
  • Market Analysis: Web scraping enables the ticketing sector to gather data on buyer preferences, demand patterns, event listings, and customer reviews to gain insight into popular events, pricing preferences as well as geographic preferences. This data is substantial to conducting market research and identifying the target audience. 
  • Inventory Management: Ticketing organizations need to monitor and manage their ticket inventory efficiently. When scraping data from various platforms, these businesses can track ticket availability and monitor sales patterns to adjust inventory levels accordingly, which aids in the prevention of overbooking or underbooking of tickets.
  • Targeted Campaigns: Ticketing businesses scrape customer reviews, social media posts, and various online forums to gain customer viewpoints, feedback, and preferences to improve their customer engagement and deliver personalized ad campaigns. 
  • Alert Systems: Web scraping is used to set up alert systems that notify ticketing companies when specific events or tickets become available. These businesses can scrape immediate data and receive notifications by monitoring various platforms.

Web Scraping in Driving E-Commerce Efficiency

Meanwhile, in the retail industry, particularly for online retailers, the implementation of web scraping can provide a valuable competitive advantage by enhancing their services in various ways: 

  • Price Monitoring: Online retailers use web scraping to gather real-time data from competitors' websites to stay updated on market trends, develop a pricing strategy accordingly, and stay ahead of the competition. 
  • Product Information Management: Web scraping enables online retailers to automate the extraction of product information from diverse sources. Leading to the development of an up-to-date and extensive product catalog that includes product descriptions, images, specifications, and customer reviews. 
  • Inventory Management: Online retailers scrape vendor websites and online marketplaces to monitor product availability and stock levels to enable accurate inventory management to limit depleted stocks. 
  • Customer Reviews & Feedback Analysis: Scraping customer reviews and feedback allows retailers to analyze customer experiences and identify performance gaps as well as opportunities for growth. Ultimately leading to the enhancement of their products and services.  

Task Automation

Web-based automation refers to the process of utilizing mobile proxies and APIs to perform tasks with minimal human intervention, by creating a streamlined approach to mechanize repetitive tasks that are otherwise done manually. Task automation enables businesses the benefits of reducing the probability of human error during manual tasks, improves the consistency and accuracy of completing operations, and enables the allocation of human resources on more complex and strategic functionalities. Furthermore, it allows for faster task achievements leading to increased operational efficiency.

Automation contributes to the reduced costs of task-related expenses by decreasing the need for manual labor, which minimizes the expenses associated with repetitive tasks. It also plays a role in improving customer experiences by providing quicker response times and personalized interactions. Therefore, it allows faster task achievements that lead to increased operational efficiency

With Proxidize's on-premise mobile proxy networks, automation is done more effectively to ensure uninterrupted automation processes. Our enhanced proxy configuration features enable businesses to automate tasks at an unmatched scale. Given that our technologies enable the allocation of automated requests across multiple modems within the network, it aids in effective load balancing. Therefore, ensuring efficient handling of a high volume of tasks. In addition, the ability to create randomized IP rotation intervals allows users to bypass rate limits, which refer to the maximum number of requests allowed within a specific time. As such, IP blocks and restrictions are prevented due to cellular network IP changes, which ensures continuous automation processes. 

The three primary industries mentioned earlier, which utilize our technologies for web scraping purposes, also recognize the effectiveness of our mobile proxies for web-based automation. However, keep in mind that automation tools are integrated within our service with third-party applications and aren’t part of our solution overview. Those employing open-source or ad hoc automation services may integrate it with the Proxidize software with ease. 

Automation in Efficient Marketing Operations

In the case of marketing agencies, automation is used as follows:

  • Streamlining Marketing Tasks: Automation increases a marketing agency's efficiency by streamlining time-consuming marketing tasks, such as email campaigns, social media posts, and lead nurturing. Therefore, resources are allocated to more strategic operations. 
  • Improved Personalization: Marketing agencies use automation to create personalized marketing messages to their clients at an unparalleled scale. For instance, they tend to leverage customer information and segmentation to automate emails and social media advertisements. 
  • Enhanced Lead Generation & Nurturing: Automation aids in capturing and nurturing leads by automating landing page forms (which are used in newsletter signups, event registrations, etc.) When a user submits their information within these forms, it allows businesses to conduct automated follow-ups and nurture their interests.
  • Social Media Management: Agencies use automation tools to schedule and publish social media content across diverse platforms and automate their engagement with followers, which ultimately ensures consistent messaging and presence. 
  • A/B Testing: Marketers utilize automation to facilitate the process of testing a variety of emails, landing pages, ads, and call-to-actions (CTAs) to optimize campaigns in real time and make insight-driven adjustments for enhanced performance and conversion rates. 

Automation in Ticketing Processes

Automation is also beneficial to the ticketing industry for the success of various operations, including: 

  • Streamlined Ticket Sales: Ticketing platforms allow customers to browse events, select seats, and make online purchases through automated systems, ultimately allowing for the reduction of manual effort and the improvement of customer experience. 
  • Faster Transactions: Automation in the ticketing sector eliminates the need for manual processing of ticketing purchases. As such, it leads to faster transactions, reduced waiting times, and enhanced customer satisfaction. 
  • Online Ticket Distribution: Ticketing agencies distribute tickets automatically through various channels, such as emails, mobile apps, or digital wallets, using automation tools. Therefore, eliminating the need for physical ticket printing and distribution. This process is more convenient for customers and reduces costs associated with printing and logistics. 
  • Live Inventory Management: When tickets are sold or reserved, automated systems can automatically reflect the changes, which ensures the accurate availability of information. 
  • Data Analysis: Ticketing companies leverage automation to gather and analyze customer preferences and purchase patterns to understand customer behavior. 
  • System Integrations: Automation aids ticketing agencies with the integration of their ticketing systems with other platforms, such as payment gateways, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, marketing automation tools, and analytics platforms. Leading to enhanced efficiency and data flows that provide a complete view of customer interactions. 

Automation in E-Commerce Ascendance

In the retail industry, automation is used to create unparalleled levels of efficiency and customer-centricity by automating the following tasks:

  • Streamlined Order Processing: Online retailers utilize automation to streamline their customers' journey, from order placement to payment processing. 
  • Inventory Management: Automation tools track inventory levels and update stock availability across multiple sales channels accordingly. Allowing accurate inventory records and the automation of inventory restocking. 
  • Streamlined Returns & Refunds: Retailers simplify the returns and refunds process by automating return requests, tracking shipments, and facilitating automatic refunds, which leads to higher customer satisfaction, as well as streamlines the backend processes for retailers. 
  • Customer Support: Automated customer support tasks, such as chatbots, can provide instant responses to recurring questions and handle basic inquiries. Therefore, human resources tend to focus on more complex customer issues.

How To Get Started With Proxidize

How much do you spend on your proxies per month? Are you leveraging IPv4 & IPv6 proxies, or do you have limited proxy protocols to choose from? And are you tired of the hefty costs and limited control associated with your proxy usage? 

Stop settling for renting IPs and constant issues with IP blocks and network reliability. Our clients used to spend over $100,000 per year on proxies, but after switching to Proxidize, they have gained full control over their network and significantly reduced expenses. Let us join you on your path to success! Take the leap, become a Proxidize user today, and experience the difference yourself. 

Proxidize Kits

To start your proxy journey with Proxidize, visit our website to schedule a demo call with our dedicated sales team. They will guide you in selecting the best Proxidize plan for your business's requirements. Our all-in-one mobile proxy solution is offered in 5 different plans, each catering to your specific scalability needs:

5 Modem Kit
This Kit includes five MX2 modems, one SX2 server, and one USB hub
10 Modem Kit
This kit includes 10 MX2 modems, one SX2 server, and one USB hub.
20 Modem Kit
This kit includes 20 MX2 modems, one SX2 server, and one USB hub.
80 Modem Kit
This kit includes 80 MX2 modems, one SX4 server, and one USB hub.
Enterprise Kit 
Contact our sales team for personalized assistance in creating the ideal package for your business requirements. 

The Plug & Play Solution

Once your Proxidize kit is delivered, the complete package includes the all the hardware and software required to create a mobile proxy network. Our seamless and user-friendly solutions take the complexity of building and managing proxies that even a beginner can handle. Following the three-step guide, a user can easily have their network up and running:

1. Kit Activation

Upon receiving the hardware package, connect the Proxidize server to the router through an ethernet cable and establish a connection to the USB hub through the provided USB cable. Insert your SIM cards into the modems, and connect them to the hub.

2. Activate Software

A Proxidize plan includes a subscription to our cutting-edge software. When scheduling an onboarding call, our expert team of developers will be of guidance in setting up the software and introducing its advanced proxy customization features. 

3. Integrate Software

 Once the proxy network is live, it's ready to be integrated with external tools to assist in various use cases.


In an era where digital transformation is inevitable, we must fight for the right of every person and business to access data freely, securely, and ethically. At Proxidize, our ultimate mission is to decentralize and democratize the acquirement of data for users worldwide. In achieving this, we aim to be the number one solution for providing ethical access to data-driven insights.  Our on-premise mobile proxy solutions are designed to provide total user control, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and privacy to our clients in their endeavors, empowering them to scale their businesses to unmatched heights. 

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