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Abed Elezz
June 13, 2024


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Proxidize is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Linken Sphere, an advanced antidetect browser known for its user-friendly interface. This collaboration aims to enhance the security and safety of our users' browsing experience. By combining our strengths, we look forward to delivering a superior and more secure browsing solution. This blog will go over the benefits of Linken Sphere and how they can be utilized effectively with Proxidize. 

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What is Linken Sphere?

Linken Sphere is a prominent anti-detect browser that boasts innovative and advanced features. They began in 2017 as a way to help affiliate marketers mask their digital fingerprints and provide smooth multi-accounting. The browser is built on Chromium 120, a core designed for simultaneous operation with a large number of sessions. Their start marked a shift in how affiliate marketers handle online advertising. 

Their newest innovation, introduced in early 2024 is “9 Evolution”. It is the latest version of the antidetect browser and is the product of a collaboration between the original creators of Linken Sphere and new developers to bring new perspectives to the software. With a combined six years of experience and a slew of user feedback, they created a simple-to-use innovative anti-detect browser. Some features of the 9 Evolution include a hybrid mode, smart window control, desktops with command access, and more unique features. 

Features Of Linken Sphere 

  • Many anti-detect browsers use the Chromium core, but Linken Sphere customizes it for smoother interactions. This customization allows users to easily switch between tabs and have simultaneous uses on multiple windows.
  • Linken Sphere offers hotkeys for bulk actions to speed up the workflow. Users can manage sessions, windows, and proxies with a single click, avoiding repeated session creation and individual cookie file uploads. Sessions with cookies can be easily imported from chosen providers.
  • Users can control sessions in the same window regardless of the number of monitors or profiles. Separate window management is also available for those who prefer it.
  • Hybrid Mode is a unique feature of Linken Sphere, combining real device fingerprints with dynamic alterations for each session. This generates realistic, customizable digital fingerprints, providing an added layer of security.
Linken Sphere Features

Commitment to Safety and Security

Linken Sphere is committed to data security, boasting no hacks or leaks over six years due to its robust encryption. Recognizing the diverse needs of its users, Linken Sphere provides the option to enhance privacy through local data storage, bypassing server synchronization. Unique in its category, Linken Sphere integrates Safe Browsing features, offering additional security against potentially malicious websites.

How To Use Linken Sphere And Create Profiles

Step 1: Download and Install the Software

Linken Sphere Download Screen

The Linken Sphere software is available on macOS and Windows. All you need to do is download it and sign up. The software offers unique customizable features including 4 interface themes, 9 accent colors, and 7 languages including English, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and French. They do offer an onboarding tour which will walk you through all the customizable features available if you find yourself lost. 

Step 2: Create Session Profiles

Linken Sphere Session Profiles

Within Linken Sphere, session profiles are referred to as session providers. You can set up a new profile with a hotkey “CTRL + N” or you could press the “new session” button. The form is placed in an easy-to-configure template.

Step 3: Manage Sessions

Linken Sphere Manage Sessions

With the interaction session manager, you can get a full view of your sessions and their parameters including cookies, statuses, geolocations, proxies, and more. Switch between the sessions and start and stop them instantly. In the settings, you will find some more options to manipulate your accounts such as sharing, importing cookies, and editing, to list a few. You can access mass actions as well like session creation and imports. 

Step 4: Connect Your Proxy

Linken Sphere Proxy

One of the most valuable steps for an antidetect browser is the proxy setup. Proxies provide a layer of security and anonymity that help when using an antidetect browser and ensure all tasks run smoothly with little to no worry. Linken Sphere offers the option to set up a proxy within their interface and use the same proxy across multiple accounts. They have proxy options that include SOCKS5, HTTP, SSH, Live SOCKS5, and Live HTTP. This is where Proxidize comes in handy. 

Our on-premise mobile proxy network provides access to a vast array of high-quality proxies, perfect for use with Linken Sphere. We offer users HTTP IPv4 and 6 as well as SOCKS5. Our software is easy to understand and even easier to use with the ability to copy and paste the proxy.

Proxidize is also financially beneficial in the long run as users can purchase SIM cards to limit how much GB they intend on using without breaking the bank. We are offering Linken Sphere customers a discount code so they can try the innovative proxy provider and see the benefits of an on-premise mobile proxy. By implementing a Proxidize proxy pool, you can easily import it into Linken Sphere, ensuring superior performance and reliability within the antidetect browser.

Linken Sphere’s proxy manager is highly advanced. It will show the type of proxy (HTTP, SOCKS5, etc), the geolocation, and the timezone, making specifying the anti-detect browser profile’s function easier to manage. It can filter the proxies by location, timezone, and if the proxy was created or used. The interface also has a proxy check button to ensure that the proxy is functioning at its highest capacity. When entering the proxy IP address, the validation, geolocation positioning, and saving will occur automatically. Linken Sphere can clear up any broken proxies to ensure that the connections all occur with high-functioning and consistently working proxy IPs. 

Linken Sphere offers a proxy bulk import for users to place a list of proxies and easily copy and paste them into their profiles without having to switch back and forth between the interface and the Proxidize software. 

Work Solo or as a Team

Linken Sphere gives users the convenience of working solo or bringing in team members to use the profiles available. You can link accounts through the desktops tab and see how many users are online or actively using it. 


They are very responsive when it comes to their support and have been aiming to maintain that consistency throughout their endeavors from the start. They are always ready to assist you with any issue and have implemented one-click access in the session manager icon. They also have a Telegram channel that they use to keep their customers updated and informed on any issues or advancements. 


Linken Sphere Prices

There are 4 pricing options to choose from:

  • Pure – $30/month for 10 sessions.
  • Light – $90/month for 100 sessions.
  • Pro – $160/month for 300 sessions.
  • Premium – $300/month for 1,000 sessions and more. 

They offer a long-term account license for 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year. By purchasing a longer license, users can save anywhere from 10%–30%. However, Linken Sphere has a free version if you want to test it before making a purchase. The benefit of all their pricing plans is that they offer unlimited seats and members, providing flexibility and scalability for your needs.

Proxidize also offers a 10% discount when you use the code “LS_PROXIDIZE10” during checkout.

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