Proxidize & Dalga Dev — Uniting Mobile Proxies and CTR Automation

Sally Alfatlah
January 7, 2024


Proxidze & Dalga Dev Partnership

In a collaboration that promises to redefine digital marketing strategies, we proudly announce our partnership with Dalga Dev.

Proxidize has earned its reputation as a pioneer in mobile proxy services, empowering businesses with secure and reliable proxies that facilitate seamless online operations. Our dedication to providing top-notch proxy solutions has established us as a trusted name in the tech sphere.

Whereas Dalga Dev's flagship product, Awesome Traffic Bot, has redefined how businesses approach traffic generation and CTR optimization. With its advanced algorithms and user-friendly interface, Awesome Traffic Bot empowers users to enhance their online presence by generating organic and authentic traffic, thereby significantly improving CTR metrics.

As this collaboration unfolds, we are thrilled about the endless opportunities it will present to our clients. In a special offer exclusive to Proxidize users, Dalga Dev is extending a 20% discount using code Proxidize_20 for your first month or annual subscription.

Strategic Clicks — How Can CTR Manipulation Drive Marketing Success?

In the dynamic industry of digital marketing, mastering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for businesses striving to achieve online success. Among the myriad strategies at marketers' disposal, one often overlooked yet potent tactic is Click-Through Rate (CTR) optimization. Far from being a mere numerical metric, CTR wields the potential to drive marketing success by influencing search engine algorithms and increasing online visibility.

What Is CTR Manipulation?

At its core, CTR represents the percentage of clicks an online link receives relative to the number of impressions it garners. While traditional SEO practices focus on optimizing content and building backlinks, CTR manipulation takes a different route by actively engaging with user behavior. By strategically influencing the click-through rates, marketers can signal to search engines that their content is not only relevant but also enticing to users—an aspect crucial for search algorithm ranking.

Search engines, led by industry giants like Google, continuously evolve their algorithms to deliver users the most relevant and valuable content. CTR manipulation emerges as a strategic partner in this complex relationship between marketers and algorithms. Elevating the CTR for specific keywords or pages can trigger a positive feedback loop, where higher click-through rates signal to search engines that a webpage is of high quality, subsequently improving its ranking.

Measuring Success: Navigating the Metrics of CTR Manipulation and SEO

CTR manipulation provides a measurable pathway to success. Marketers can track and analyze metrics such as organic search traffic, bounce rates, and conversion rates to evaluate the effectiveness of their strategies. Real-time monitoring allows for adaptive adjustments, ensuring that campaigns remain dynamic and responsive to evolving search engine algorithms.

Understanding the relationship between CTR manipulation and online visibility is a game-changer. Unleashing the potential of click-through rates empowers marketers to not only navigate the intricacies of search engine algorithms but also to elevate their brand's online visibility and, ultimately, achieve marketing triumphs in the competitive digital landscape.

Why Use Dalga Dev Solutions?

Dalga Dev

Dalga Dev includes various CTR solutions, including their Organic Search Bot, GMB CTR Booster, Backlink Bot, and its flagship product, Awesome Traffic Bot (ATB).

ATB provides you with the ultimate solution to boost your keywords' Click-Through Rate (CTR) by allowing you to direct traffic to your webpage, set referrers, and choose sources like social media or major tech websites. You can confidently improve your CTR through authentic user actions and witness a significant increase in your website's traffic and engagement.

ATB's resilient anti-detection browsers mimic diverse user agents, screen resolutions, and hardware specifications, challenging well-known bot detection systems. Powered by Chrome and Firefox core engines, ATB provides advanced browsing capabilities.

Tailored for enhancing keyword SERP, SEO, and CTR manipulation, ATB employs distinct methods for IP changes, human-like actions, and varied user agents and browser fingerprints. These features make ATB stand out, significantly contributing to improved SEO and increased CTR for your keywords.

With this overview, let's now get into the seamless integration of Proxidize mobile proxies with ATB. 

How to Integrate Proxidize Proxies with ATB?

Dalga Dev & Proxidize Partnership

This collaboration between ATB and Proxidize offers a seamless way to enhance your brand visibility.  By following these simple steps, you can easily integrate Proxidize's proxies with ATB and elevate the impact of your online presence.

Step 1: Access Your ATB Account

To get started, all you need to do is open your ATB dashboard.

ATB software

Step 2: Create a New Campaign

In the left menu bar, click on the “Campaigns” tab. This is where you can add and keep track of all your CTR campaigns. To create a new one, click on the “New Campaign tab.”

ATB software

In this first step, you can name and customize your campaign based on your requirements, which includes creating browser profiles, multi-threads, campaign delays, and much more.

ATB software

Once you’ve set all your campaign settings, move on to the next step to import your mobile proxies. 

ATB software

Step 4: Export Your Proxies from Your Proxidize Dashboard

Log into your Proxidize dashboard and navigate to the "Proxy List" setting on the left-side menu bar.

Proxidize software

Depending on the type of proxy you'd like to use, either SOCKS or HTTPS, copy the required proxy list from the dashboard and paste it into a txt.file. 

Step 5: Import Your Proxies to ATB

Once you've exported the proxy list from your Proxidize dashboard, you can now import it to ATB.

ATB software

On the "Proxy" setting in your ATB dashboard, fill out your desired format and protocol, click on the "Import" button, and select the .txt file containing your proxies

ATB software proxy integration

Step 6: Test Your Proxies

After adding your proxies to the ATB dashboard, it's a good idea to test them out by clicking on the “Test Proxy” button on your dashboard. This step ensures everything is running smoothly before you dive into your CTR campaign. Taking the time to test your proxies ensures they're reliable and ready for use. Once you've confirmed everything is working well, you're good to go!

ATB software proxy testing

Step 7: Create Your CTR Campaign

Now that you have successfully integrated your Proxidize proxies into ATB, you can move on to the final step of your campaign creation. In this step, you can add the search engine, keywords, and website you want to rank for. 

ATB campaign

Once you have added all of your specifications, you can move on to running our campaign. 


The seamless integration of Proxidize proxies with ATB that our collaboration offers will provide a competitive edge to your digital marketing strategies, allowing you to rank higher and drive more traffic to your website. We are excited to move ahead with this venture and strive to make it a success. Don’t forget, Dalga Dev is offering you a 20% discount using code Proxidize_20!


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