Proxidize Federated Network

A revolutionary business intelligence solution built on a nationwide network of people.
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A single endpoint for all your competitive intelligence needs.

A single endpoint

The Federated Network provides you with a single endpoint to process all your requests without any complexity.

Unlimited throughput

With a gigantic throughput, the federated network can handle a any load you throw at it.

Auto render

Using the built-in computing layer, the Federated Network will automatically render any targets and respond with a curated object.

Data Warehousing

You can export your data or store it using the built-in data warehouse at a very competitive rate.

In-house Network

Unlike competitors, our network is entirely in-house using proprietary technologies.

Fully Automated

With just a few clicks and less than 5 mintues to set up, the Federated Network handles all the complexity.
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So, how does it work?

1. Physical Phones Layer

Our contractors use Proxidize-provided phones to join the network, or they can use their own with our BYOD policy.

2. Processor Layer

Our processor layer connects the phones and adds them into a federated network that handles real-time automated load-balancing and routing.

3. Network Layer

Our network layer creates a single endpoint for users to connect and access the web at a scale never before possible with little geo-location limits.

4. Computing & Rendering Layer

Our computing layer then processes each request, collects target data, and renders it into JSON or HTML objects.

What are the actual benefits of using the Proxidize Federated Network?

Takes care of all the complexity

The network automatically handles any challenges and ensures a 99% request success rate to always return a curated HTML or JSON object.

Scales like no other

Unlike other seasonal or unstable networks, the Proxidize Federated Network is guarantueed to have a 99.99% uptime beating the industry average.

Lightning-Fast Data Gathering

Due to nature of our in-house network, we are able to achieve 2-10x the average speed of alternative solutions.

Every corner of the country

With more than 20 locations at the moment, with plans to get up to 200+ locations in every state, geo restriction of data will be a thing of the past.

Built-in privacy

As the core of Proxidize has always been privacy and security, awarding us with the trust of some of the biggest financial institutions across the country, the Federated Network is no different using military-grade end-to-end encryption.


The federated network is currently in closed beta and the release date will be announced soon.
The Proxidize Federated Network is built for enterprises that have a high-need for rapidly availably enteprise-scale competitive web data.
Proxidize has deployed hundreds of phones with our contractors in high-availability zones which allow for an almost unlimited network throughput, the data is then processed and rendered through our processing layer which outputs a pure or curated HTML or JSON response.
The Federated Network will use a patent-pending pricing algorithm to automatically calculate pricing based on available inventory and demand.
The future is clear. Allowing businesses to access competitive web data at a scale never before possible.
In order to maintain the highest quality network that is 100% free from interruptions and downtime, we have decided to build the world’s first federated web data network.

Are you ready to experience the new age of Proxidize Federated Network technologies?

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All Proxidize hardware is assembled and shipped with :heart: from the United States :us: and the Netherlands :flag-nl:


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