Proxidize MX2 USB Modem


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  1. MX2-ROW model for Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania
  2. MX2-NSA model for the North America and South America
MX2 Modem Package Contents:
  1. MX2 Modem
  2. Pre-inserted SIM Card (Optional)
  1. Instant integration with all Proxidize equipment & systems
  2. 4G LTE CAT 4 Sped up to 150/50 Mbps links
  3. Nano SIM card port via locking mechanism
  4. Multiple models to support any country
  5. 1-Year International Warranty
The Proxidize MX2 USB modem is a premium flagship modem that combines speed, dependability, and user-friendliness in an one unit. This modem's 4G LTE CAT 5 capabilities provide download and upload rates of up to 150/50 Mbps, making it an excellent option for enterprises that must move huge volumes of data quickly. Though the speed will highly depend on the cellular network performance of the premises.
Proxidize MX2 is distinguished by its perfect interaction with the Proxidize system. This means that this modem can be installed in a matter of minutes, without any complicated configuration procedures or compatibility difficulties. The Proxidize MX2 makes it easy to connect and you can even get the SIM cards pre-inserted using the Proxidize CONNECT plan (available in select countries).
The Proxidize MX2 USB modem is the ideal answer if you're searching for a modem that provides fast and dependable cellular connectivity, along with simple integration and deployment. This modem is a sensible solution for organizations that need powerful and stable mobile proxies, regardless of whether you're upgrading your existing infrastructure or starting from scratch.

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Europe, Asia, Oceania or Africa, North or South America



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