What's New with Proxidize Next-Gen? Our Latest Updates

Sally Alfatlah
June 20, 2023


Proxidize Next-Gen Updates

Are you an active mobile proxy user? Or have you been a fan of Proxidize and are eager to know what updates are coming your way? Well, you're in luck because Proxidize Next-Gen has some exciting new features for its users. 

Whether you're a seasoned user or a newcomer, you'll want to stay up-to-date on the latest updates and features. From enhanced security to improved user experience, Proxidize Next-Gen is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its users. 

In this article, we'll discuss what Proxidize is for our newcomers, then take a deep dive into the new updates and features that Proxidize Next-Gen has in store for its customers. So, buckle up and get ready to explore the new and improved Proxidize Next-Gen!

Proxidize Updates

What Is Proxidize?

Proxidize is a mobile proxy provider that enables its users to build and manage their own LTE/4G/5G proxy networks on-premise using our dongles/modems and servers. Since our establishment in 2020, Proxidize has been dedicated to delivering users an absolute level of control with our new solution Next-Gen, an update from Proxidize Legacy, which provides more enhanced features for higher levels of governance. 

Proxidize, as a DIY proxy farm, provides all the necessary hardware and software to manage your proxies. You can create your mobile proxy network with our hardware kits, which start at five modems and scale up to 100+ modems for a customized plan, with two IPs each. Even if you have zero knowledge about proxies, you can have a complete in-house solution in less than 30 minutes after receiving the components, leaving our expert team of developers to handle the complex technicalities. With Proxidize, you can create and personalize your mobile proxy network without depending on third-party services or congested servers. 

Moreover, Proxidize offers an intuitive, easy-to-use interface and adjustable software to manage all your proxy use cases. Whether you're looking to scrape search engines or social media platforms, Proxidize provides a solution that promises to meet your needs. You can rotate IP addresses automatically at specific intervals or manually with the click of a button. 

What Is Proxidize Legacy?

Proxidize Legacy Logo
Proxidize Legacy Logo

Proxidize Legacy is a mobile proxy solution that was the first offering by Proxidize in the market. This solution was widely successful and remembered by many of our clients as the one that set the foundation for our later developments.

However, while it was a great start, Proxidize Legacy had limitations. We only offered IPv4 HTTP/SOCKS5 protocols at that time, and it used to take up to 20 seconds to change the IP. Although we provided automatic and manual rotations with Proxidize Legacy, randomized rotations weren't an option. Therefore, we replaced Proxidize Legacy with our Proxidize Next-Gen solution, which brought a wide range of features and improvements. While Proxidize Legacy provided proof of concept, Proxidize Next-Gen takes the mobile proxy solution game to the next level.

What Is Proxidize Next-Gen and How Is It Better than Proxidize Legacy?

Since its launch in March 2022, Proxidize Next-Gen has proved to be a more improved and upgraded version of the previous model. The hardware has better memory and higher bandwidth, which allows for better management of the network interfaces. With sleek software and hardware features, Proxidize Next-Gen is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a mobile proxy that is user-friendly.

Proxidize Next-Gen Software Updates

1. IPv4 & IPv6 on HTTP/SOCKS5 Proxies:

The new Proxidize Next-Gen now offers IPv6 in addition to IPv4 on HTTP and SOCKS5 proxies. It has expanded the range of options available to mobile proxy users and further solidified Proxidize's position at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

Proxidize's Legacy system only offered IPv4 networks on HTTP and SOCKS5 proxies. However, the latest upgrade enables users to access IPv4 and IPv6 networks with HTTP and SOCKS5 proxies. It is a significant development in the industry, welcomed by users who require a wide range of network security. 

2. Faster IP Rotation:

With Proxidize Legacy, it would take around 10-20 seconds for an IP address to rotate. However, with Proxidize Next-Gen, it takes 4-8 seconds for an IP to switch. This faster rotation interval ensures users have quick load balancing and improved performance while using our mobile proxies. 

3. SMS Webhooks

One of the latest features in Proxidize Next-Gen to enhance SMS features is SMS Webhooks, which allows for faster communication through sending and receiving SMS messages. And you can conveniently receive all your SMS messages directly to your favorite platform or API. Unlike Proxidize Legacy, there's no need to go through extra steps to pass SMS-activated authorization in any line of work. Furthermore, users can delete messages, providing increased control over message content.

SMS Webhooks are essentially HTTP callbacks that allow one application to communicate with another. They enable users to receive near-instant notifications of new messages received on their mobile proxies. Leading to faster and smoother experiences when navigating various networks, including mobile devices and networks.

4. Automatic and Manual IP Rotation:

Proxidize Next-Gen provides more precise automatic and manual IP rotations than Proxidize Legacy. This feature allows easy switching between IPs at set intervals, ensuring you always have a fresh IP address for your mobile proxy needs. Thus, giving you more control over your mobile proxy and allowing you to set your intervals per your requirements. But that's not all - with Proxidize Next-Gen, you have the option of randomized IP rotation periods for all modems at once.

5. More Stable Keep-Alive

Proxidize's Next-Gen mobile proxy solution has a Keep-Alive feature that ensures stable and uninterrupted access to static IPs. In comparison to the Legacy version, Next-Gen's Keep Alive is more stable and reliable. With this feature in place, you can rest assured that you won't lose your IP or face bandwidth issues during your operations.

Stability is crucial for data scrapers, and having a static IP address greatly helps in achieving this. Since the IP is fixed, there is no need to worry about frequent changes or disruptions, providing more consistency in accessing websites or services.

6. Passive OS Fingerprint Spoofing

Proxidize Next-Gen is pushing the boundaries of mobile proxy updates with its innovative feature of Passive OS Fingerprint Spoofing. This functionality allows users to tell security firewalls that our Linux OS is actually Windows, bypassing excessive steps and providing a quick and reliable solution.

The need for passive OS fingerprint spoofing arises because some security firewalls actively detect Linux OS-based devices and block them from accessing certain websites or services. With this update, users can bypass these restrictions and continue to operate with no disruptions.

7. Advanced Network Settings (Change TTL & MTU)

One of the stand-out features of Proxidize Next-Gen is the advanced network settings, which include the ability to change the TTL and MTU settings. These settings are crucial for maintaining a stable and reliable connection and allow for more precise control over how data packets are transmitted across a network.

By adjusting the TTL and MTU values, Proxidize Next-Gen can ensure that bandwidth drop is not allowed, particularly within the US. Additionally, with the ability to camouflage the network, Proxidize can offer users a range of coats to choose from, providing comprehensive protection that is tailored to their unique needs. Our team of engineers can create a map that tests the performance of the network to overcome geographical restrictions, ensuring that users can access content from anywhere in the world.

8. Proxidize API

The Proxidize API provides a complete API solution that allows seamless integration with your websites, applications, or scripts. It also includes modem operations API, rotate API, SMS API, and shared proxies API. With the modem operations API, you can retrieve modem information or reboot a specific modem. It's an essential feature to ensure the smooth running of the network. The rotate API is another amazing feature that allows you to rotate all modems simultaneously or a specific modem, making it easy to avoid congested servers. 

The SMS API lets you view messages from a specific modem, send messages from the modem to a phone number, and delete SMS messages. This feature is particularly useful if you use a mobile application that requires SMS verification for access. Lastly, the shared proxies API is an equally remarkable feature that enables you to retrieve information on all shared proxies, add a shared proxy, or delete shared proxies from the database, and config file. It's an excellent way to manage and control your mobile proxy networks. 

9. Critical Mode

Proxidize Next-Gen's critical mode feature offers an additional layer of anonymity, security, and control to your mobile proxy network. With Critical Mode, you can remove any identifiers from the app interface, creating a fully customized and discrete browsing experience that keeps your credentials and activities private. By removing any identifiers from the app interface, you can prevent third-party services, search engines, and social media platforms from tracking or collecting your data.

Proxidize Next-Gen Hardware Updates

Proxidize Next-Gen Hardware
Proxidize Hardware

1. Modems:

Proxidize has undergone a significant improvement with the introduction of the Next-Gen modems, called MX2, as an upgrade over the previous JL01 models. This new generation of modems comes with enhanced stability, much higher uptime, and improved chip technology. These upgrades ensure that Proxidize's mobile proxies run smoothly and reliably, allowing users to access the internet with ease.

2. Servers:

Proxidize's Next-Gen updates include the introduction of new and improved servers that can hold up to 80 concurrently run modems. Proxidize Legacy had three types of servers: ALX-2.0, ALX-4.0, and MLX. However, with the latest version of Proxidize, these servers are now called SX2, SX4, and RSX1. The SX2 server supports 20 modems, unlike ALX-2.0, which supported 40. However, ALX-2.0 only had 2GB of RAM and a speed of 100MBps. Its newer version is equipped with 4GB of RAM and 1 GBps of network interface.

The SX4 server has similar technical attributes as ALX-4.0, boasting two network interfaces, one with 1 GBps and the other with 2.5 GBps. One notable change is that the custom-built MLX server from Proxidize's Legacy is no longer available. Instead, the RSX1 is our biggest server to date, able to support up to 200 modems.

3. SIM Cards (Available in the US):

Proxidize SIM cards are the latest addition to the Proxidize Next-Gen updates, exclusively available for US users. With Proxidize SIM cards, clients can enjoy seamless mobile proxies with no need for manual configuration.

Embracing Proxidize Next-Gen

In conclusion, Proxidize Next-Gen is constantly evolving and improving to meet the needs of our users. Our software and hardware updates are designed to make your experience even better, with enhanced security, faster speeds, and more features than ever before. If you want to have the best possible proxy network experience, we recommend using our Proxidize hardware and software in combination. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade to Proxidize Next-Gen today and see for yourself why we're the best proxy service on the market!

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