Proxidize Android

Proxidize App

Proxidize Android is the Android version of the Proxidize 4G Mobile Proxy System and is intended to be an easy to use 4G proxy server that works with a single click.

The app does not require any setup whatsoever. All you have to do to generate your mobile proxy is download the app and press connect.

The app is noticeably slower than the real Proxidize version as all connections have to be routed through a tunneling server. The app is also not self-hosted for the same reason.

P.S: We have an iOS version coming soon.




Proxidize Android was recently taken down from Google Play Store due an false positive error on their end. We tried to appeal it, but Google did not respond.

Due to this, we will no longer be sharing the app, except by request.

If you wish to use the app, please send us a request via the contact form.