Proxidize User Reviews

  • David Springer
    CEO at Amble Media Group

    "As an SEO agency, we have several software tools that collect massive amounts of SERP data and optimize a client's online presence using proxies.

    Over the last few years, big tech has become extremely effective at blocking proxies, and by 2020, the situation had become brutal. Dealing with proxy-related issues became a significant issue for our agency as it became increasingly difficult to automate even the most basic tasks.

    Datacenter proxies had become useless for anything but basic scraping. Residential proxies were slow and frequently went offline. Mobile/4G proxies were the only ones that worked reliably, but the companies that offered them charged exorbitant fees per gigabyte of downloaded data.

    During the process of researching cheaper mobile/4G proxy providers, we came across Proxidize works a bit differently than all the other mobile/4G Proxy providers. Instead of renting the proxies, Proxidize offered a budget-friendly mobile/4G proxy solution that allowed you to create your own scalable and fully customizable mobile/4G proxy hardware and software solution, backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    We purchased the Proxidize enterprise plan. The equipment arrived promptly and setup was a breeze. Any questions we had were promptly answered by the knowledgeable and friendly staff, and when we made a few requests, they quickly implemented the changes for us.

    In no time, we were back to enjoying reliable, worry-free access to large amounts of analytic data that is critical to our business’s success, all at a fraction of the cost that we had been paying prior to purchasing the Proxidize equipment.

    Over the years, we have tried virtually every proxy service out there and we can confidently say that there is simply no other company that provides you with anything close to the value of what the Proxidize system does. It is an absolutely brilliant, budget-friendly solution for marketers of any size."

  • Makai Macdonald
    Social Media Lead Specialist at Product London Design

    "We started using Proxidize in early 2021 after growing frustrated with our current proxy providers. The idea of having control over our own proxies at a much reduced cost made it an easy move. Everything was easy to setup and the support we’ve received from Proxidize has been excellent.
    No longer bound to expensive proxies, we’ve been able to invest the savings back into our business and we can honestly say that Proxidize has been instrumental in helping our business grow faster than ever over the last 12 months.

    In short, Proxidize has empowered us to have control over every part of our business, which should be the goal of any successful company."
  • Adam Colbert
    President at Rocket 31

    "We've been using Proxidize since it first came out. Our use case is managing FB ad accounts which as many of us know is one of the more difficult and security-focused use cases.

    Your opsec needs to be really tight in order to get around detection. The mobile IPs generated by Proxidize are of the same or better quality as IPs that originate from ISPs like Comcast, Time Warner, Centurylink, etc.

    These IPs are light years better than IPs originating from ISPs like Cogent. Proxidize just simply works."

  • Mohammad Ibrahim
    Founder at Qannas

    "Proxidize is an amazing product, it is very simple to operate and tweak your settings the way you want it to be yet it's very powerful in terms of performance and features. I ordered my kit and got it in 6 days and then I got my sim cards locally and I simply connected the boxes and inserted the sim cards into the 4G USB modems and that's it. in about 5minutes everything is running and I got my 10 4G proxies in no time. Simple, Powerful & Reliable nothing is like Proxidize."
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All Proxidize hardware is assembled and shipped with :heart: from the United States :us: and the Netherlands :flag-nl:


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